Exclusives means the verse/hook or entire song from the Superstar artist has never been released on any commercial promotional format by the artist or any 3rd party. While the verse is considered pre-recorded, unlike a license, the unreleased verse as stated has never been previously released and is only to be sold or transferred to one buyer for the sole and exclusive ownership of buyer.


Buyer / client pays upfront fee [non-negotiable]. Future royalties & publishing may be owed to the featured artist in accordance with the respective contract terms provided by artist / management post release of the track in accordance w/ industry standard guidelines (ISG). On average it’s 25% copyright for and 10% royalties for guest artists. All unreleased exclusives range from €3,000 to €60.000+. All sales herein are also subject to (obo) or best offer from the potential buyer / client.


You fill in the form and choose the exclusive artist you would like to work with. All artists are due to high demand subject to availability. Unreleased vocals are rare so they sell out extremely quickly. You fill in your company details to receive availability of the artist in question. When the proposal is accepted you will receive an invoice and contract. All Applicable sales paperwork and guest artist files within (24) a (72) hrs of signed contract & receipt of payment for your respective purchase.


If the artist is sold out you will get placed on the waiting list with a personal vip code. As exclusives are scarce we will let you know which artist is currently available including a proposal. If you don’t like the current exclusive available and don’t want to wait, we advise you to inquire about a custom exclusive or license.


In order to receive a proposal, we first would like to invite you to fill in the form below, you can schedule one free call and will receive the proposal via e-mail through your Superstar agent. We reply to all e-mails in 24h.


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