Custom Exclusives

Tailored made verse or hook or entire song recorded fresh over a production(s) the buyer provides, and is made solely for the buyer (buyer retains all rights exclusively to their track, the featured artists verse, etc. Price may vary based per buyer, artist, producer, or project type.


Sign the offer-sheet, submit your track, once reviewed by our team, we’ll request an estimate from the Superstar. The offer can be accepted or countered, if all parties approve, we’ll email the binding agreement, which must be filled in and signed by the VIP, the binder states that the VIP must transfer 50% of the offer upfront and cover our agency’s 10% fee. The remaining of the payment will be transferred once the deal has been made and high quality vocal stems have been delivered. The price is subject to best, and accepted offer.
Step 2 are additional requests (VIPs have the option to purchase the appearance rights for their music video, social media promo, PR, Co-primary DSP rights & more). We’ll make a separate binder with 50% down payment of the offer, once the offer is accepted (offers may be countered by the artist), the remaining of the payment will be transferred once the deal has been made.

If requested by the artist: artist studio fee / personal rider fee at the time (I) deposit or (ii) payment in full is tendered.


The verses and hooks or entire song commercial rights including sync rights for the VIP’s project including retail / sound scanned album, digital single, EP, mixtape, etc will be requested in the contract. Future royalties & publishing are owed to the featured artist, all of this will be negotiated in advance. All custom exclusives range from €5000 – €500,000+.


The VIP receives a purchase agreement / contract detailing all terms and ownership rights per purchase. All Custom Exclusives come with an NDA. We will not introduce you to the artist, their management or label until the deal is done and only on request.

Custom work by your favorite superstar

To be considered for a custom exclusive, you’ll have to fill in the offer sheet to show you’re serious about working with your favourite superstar. Only after we receive the offer-sheet, and you’ve submitted your track, will your option to schedule a call go through. The first call is free, second call is €250. You will receive the approved offer, including binder and payment link via e-mail, through your Superstar agent. We reply to all e-mails in 24h.

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